Config files

This page provides free downloads for configuration files for a standard range of actuators. These files are automatically generated and not optimised to an application. For fine-tuning of the position loop Parameters in the application you can use SMAC Control Center V1.2 or higher. For springs and vertical orientation an additional output offset can be usefull (standard set to zero).

Download LCA/LCS config files for LCA25/LCS25 and LCA50/LCS50 config files for various strokes, voltages and encoder resolutions
Download LAL/CAL config files for LAL20, LAL35, LAL55 and LAL95 config files for various strokes, voltages and encoder resolutions, includes CAL12
Download LAR config files for LAR31 config files for linear(LAL) and brushless rotary(LAR) axis for strokes 31 mm and 50 mm.
Download CBL/SLA config files for config files for electical cylinders (CBL) and accurate slides (SLA).

For config files of any other actuator, please send a request for a config file to us using Email:
To generate a config file we require the following information:
Actuator type nr ( like LAL20-010-55 ,it contains information on Voltage, Stroke, Encoder)
or in case of an other motor:
Force constant ( like 5.5 N/A )
Coil resistance ( like 16 ohm )
Coil impedance ( like 33 mH )
Moving mass of actuator and application ( like 60 gram )
Thermal resistance ( like 30 K/W)
Max Coil Temperature ( like 70C)
Options on the actuator with its specs ( like spring SA )
Even if you don't have all this information we can provide a config file for units with limited information (result might be not as good as with exact details)